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In this page you can request for apps or modded games that you want.

Please request in following format or get yourself ignored.

App Name:

Playstore Link:


Hack Features:

After requesting your request will be verified before it’s visible on this page, hence don’t comment twice.

Make sure to search on the website before making a request.


145 thoughts on “Request Apps

  1. Jatin

    App name :-CYBERGHOST
    Playstore link:-
    Device status:-No Root
    Hack feature:- premium vpn advantage
    Doubles the benefits: access to more than 600 servers in 30 countries

  2. Popy

    App Name: Spotify Music
    Playstore Link
    Device Status: unrooted
    Hack Features: premium

  3. Android User

    App Name – Newton Mail

    Playstore Link :

    Device Status : Unrooted

    Hack Features : Premium Lifetime Subscription, without trial activation of 14 days because then it keeps resetting. Your website was to release the first version which worked very well no trail issue in it 9.8
    1 but later versions had issues. now please release the latest version of subscribed apk, i searched your site now it was not there. true credit to you for the initial release. please make release for latest version and please keep updating.

      1. MafiaSSS Post author

        Don’t worry, I am working on Newton Mail, but the thing is earlier it was easy to mod and now they have updated it, so hopefully.

  4. daredevil

    app name – internet speed meter pro
    paid app
    playstore link -
    Device Status: UNROOTED

  5. Jonathan

    App name: ReadItToMe
    Playstore link:
    Device Status: Unrooted
    Hack Features: App Notifications*
    ReadItToMe can read any app notifications out loud, with privacy options to read either the entire contents of a notification or just the title.

    Voice Reply*
    ReadItToMe lets you reply to incoming messages from a number of apps, including SMS, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Telegram, Gmail, Line, Facebook Messenger and others, directly with your voice.

  6. himanshu

    Sonyliv modded apk 4.6.8 version is now showing video shows in very low quality…
    Working very fine in hd quality on sonyliv original app..
    unable to watch kbc in clarity….
    Please upload its new version or modify it to watch all shows in better quality…


  7. TeamB58

    Software Name: MATLAB r2018
    Version: r2018
    Crack features: Full version with license
    Also please provide detailed instructions to install.

  8. The bloke

    Question: why would I want to joint discord server for? Not interested in any of the server. Why do you want to test?

  9. Stonespider

    You ask for an app to be modded but you don’t want to contribute by testing it out. But rather impolitely and selfishly reply “why would I want to joint discord server for? Not interested in any of the server”

    Well, No one is enforced to give in your request/demands either.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  10. TRUEFan

    Please can you guys fix a –> “Windows 10 Pro X64 RS5 incl Office 2019” , i liked the last one, when you could choice if you would like to have defender or not! Hope you guys make a new one really soon! THANKS!


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