Device Info HW+ Pro v4.13.3 [Latest]

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Device Info HW is a hardware and software information app for Android devices. It’s trying detect components of your smartphone to provide complete information about device’s hardware. Now detection is supported for lcd, touchscreen, cameras, sensors, memory, flash, audio, nfc, charger, w-fi and battery; if that possible for your device. I think app is interesting and useful for users and developers who build kernels or android. App has a quick navigation, fresh design, and also supports a dark theme. You can switch by tab or use navigation panel. Many items are clickable and you can go to another tab or menu.


  • LCD – model and sometimes vendor. For some platforms detection require root.
    Also you can check the colors in lcd test.
  • Touchscreen – model, you can check how much fingers are supported in multi-touch test.
  • Camera – model, vendor, resolution, for some platforms also autofocus.
    If can’t detect, sometimes available a list of supported cameras.
  • Hardware info by camera model and software by API.
  • For 5.1+ used camera2 api by default, if you grant camera permission, it will be use old api.
  • CPU : model, cores, clusters, family, abi, governor, frequency.
  • GPU : model, vendor, opengl, frequency, list of extensions.
  • Click on the clock speed to open CPU monitor.
  • System: complete info about your firmware build.
  • Memory: type lpddr and operating frequency.
  • Flash: chip and vendor emmc or ufs (scsi).
  • Battery: base info and for some devices available extra info:
    – Discharging speed is current consumption.
    – Charging speed is charge current minus current consumption.
    – Profile from kernel. It’s for reference and correct only for the factory battery.
    – Model.
  • Thermal: temperatures by thermal sensors.
  • Sensors: availability of basic sensors and tests for them. Interacts with my app ‘Sensor Test’.
  • Drivers: you can find other chips used in your device.
  • Partitions: list of partition and their sizes.
  • PMIC: list of power regulator voltages which applied to the components.
  • Input devices: list of input devices.
  • Applications: you can quickly find apps and see info about it, also provided list of the system apps.
  • Extra options:
    – Show i2c address of the chip.
    – Open engineering menu for mtk and xiaomi.
    – List of CPU codenames for Qualcomm, mtk, HiSilicon.
    – Show kernel command line with root access.
  • Devices database
  • Device Info HW Screenshot
  • Device Info HW Screenshot
  • Device Info HW Screenshot
  • Device Info HW Screenshot
  • Device Info HW Screenshot
  • Device Info HW Screenshot
  • Device Info HW Screenshot
  • Device Info HW Screenshot

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