CyberGhost VPN Premium APK v7. [Latest]

CyberGhost VPN Premium APK

CyberGhost VPN Premium APK

Surf the Internet freely, securely, and anonymously with the world’s most trusted VPN service: CyberGhost VPN Premium APK!

CyberGhost VPN Premium APK is the first app that is transforming the VPN technology into a lifestyle product which brings you endless benefits while being extremely easy to use. CyberGhost VPN Premium APK is optimized for both casual and advanced VPN users.

– CyberGhost protects you every time you are using a free Wi-Fi hotspot. It is the first app that is built to activate itself whenever your phone tries to connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks
– When activating the Wi-Fi protection profile, your internet connection is encrypted. This way, no hacker will be able to access or steal your personal information including email accounts, social profiles or even financial or credit card information
– Use this profile every time you are on free, unsecured Wi-Fi connections in airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs. Virtually everywhere
– Install and use our app whenever you are travelling. CyberGhost protects your digital integrity the same way travel insurance protects your physical one

– It hides your IP address and you benefit from military-grade encryption. CyberGhost uses 256-bit AES encryption, the strongest one there is.
– It blocks all online behavior tracking. When using our app, you become immune to data spying by website owners, spamy advertisers, and other online snoopers
– Get access to servers in over 30 countries
– We don’t keep logs
– IP Sharing: By sharing an anonymous IP address with dozens of other Internet users, CyberGhost provides an additional layer of anonymity
– It blocks cookies
– It blocks malicious websites
– Optimized both for Wi-Fi and mobile networks

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  • CyberGhost VPN - Fast & Secure WiFi protection Screenshot
  • CyberGhost VPN - Fast & Secure WiFi protection Screenshot


Ignore any messages that says to upgrade or unblock extra features on startup or else where..

Create a free account and login using that account. No need to confirm the email after signup. After successful login you will get Premium activated for unlimited days.

After login goto setting and disable ‘Send anonymous usage data’.

All the premium servers will work in this MOD.

It was pain in as* and took a great time to MOD this app so give Credit to AndroGalaxy wherever you share.

Download Link: 

Newer Version: Requires to reset trial again and again (Not Recommended) : CyberGhost VPN v7. Premium.apk

Older Version: Works perfect, no need to register or anything similar install and use (Recommended) CyberGhost VPN v6. Premium.apk


38 thoughts on “CyberGhost VPN Premium APK v7. [Latest]

  1. uncrowned king

    I cant download the new version. I am currently on the old version. Can I get a direct link to the apk

  2. uncrowned king

    Can I please get the direct link to the APK file. Anytime I download this file it says activate to instal and nothing happens. Thanks

  3. uncrowned king

    @mafiass Can I please get the direct link to the APK file. Anytime I download this file it says activate to instal and nothing happens. Thanks

  4. Dawud

    I tried to connect but it didn’t connect, I did everything you guys told in the comments, but it keeps saying something about vpn core or something. Am I doing wrong log in or is the trick is dead Now,the older version works pretty well but that connects randomly and the newer version doesn’t even connect to private network.

  5. Youdon'tneedtoknowmyname

    the app doesn’t want to connect, it always says preparing… why’s that happen? i already did everything in the instruction though

  6. OPSP

    Was working great but not now. Have tried to connect several times & uninstalled/reinstalled but it’s not having it. I’m doing what the instructions say (what I was doing before) but some sort of subscription log error keeps occuring on registration which the app isn’t happy about.

  7. sheryl

    I downloaded your v. of Cyberghostt from . What happens at the end of 7 days? Do I have to re-install, empty the cache of the app, or just keep using it?
    Please advise. Thanks.

  8. Richie

    I downloaded the new cyberghost.. I registered and activated 1day and after that it is saying expired.. I don’t get the point like I can’t use my email until I upgrade it


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