Accuweather Platinum APK v6.0.3 [Latest]

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Accuweather Platinum APK

Accuweather Platinum APK

Get the daily forecast straight from Accuweather Platinum APK Cracked ! Get the autumn forecast and current temperature, find out whether or not the weather today is perfect travel weather, check the daily forecast for updates and other relevant weather news – all with accurate, live weather reports!

Planning around the weekend weather forecast? Check Accuweather’s weather maps for all your weekend weather news. Learn what the forecast will be. Find out whether or not the daily forecast shows sun, rain, cloudy skies or perfect travel weather. Plan for autumn sun with local temperature updates and weather reports. See a dark sky or impending rain? Get live weather reports with accurate weather radar maps wherever you are.

Get the daily forecast, local temperature and current weather news for the weather today, tomorrow or next week!


1. Daily weather updates for the current temperature with local weather radar maps: get an accurate, minute-by-minute weather forecast for the next two hours with MinuteCast®.
2. AccuWeather’s live weather reports give you the local temperature and daily forecast for whether or not it’ll be rain storms, cloudy skies, autumn sun or optimal travel weather. Get weekend weather updates wherever you are.
3. Beat the chill! The current temperature often feels cooler than the daily forecast. The RealFeel Temperature® shows you how the weather today actually feels outside.

Your current forecast and live weather maps can be personalized with Accuweather Platinum APK.


• Daily weather forecast: get local weather news, updates, radar maps and local weather reports from your home screen.
• Get the weather today, autumn rain alerts and live weather reports with weather radar maps.
• Track the local weather today, tomorrow, and for the next two weeks with your Global and Local Forecast Summary. Check the weekend weather forecast for rain alerts. Be prepared whether it’s for a day of sun and travel weather or for a gloomy dark sky.
• Get local weather news and find out what the forecast is from the AccuWeather team!
• Be a part of the daily forecast with AccUcast® and share weather news with the community.
• Enjoy full Android Wear™support: get MinuteCast®, RealFeel Temperature®, weather radar maps, current forecast updates and severe weather alerts straight to your smartphone or tablet.

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  • AccuWeather: Weather Alerts & Live Storm Radar Screenshot
  • AccuWeather: Weather Alerts & Live Storm Radar Screenshot
  • AccuWeather: Weather Alerts & Live Storm Radar Screenshot
  • AccuWeather: Weather Alerts & Live Storm Radar Screenshot
  • AccuWeather: Weather Alerts & Live Storm Radar Screenshot

Download Link: AccuWeather Platinum v6.0.3.apk

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